Why it is important to have a facial cleansing?


In addition to taking proper daily facial hygiene, getting a monthly facial cleansing is essential to maintaining good skin care. If not, over time the skin can accumulate blackheads, pimples and a quantity of dead cells that cause lack of vitality, tone, hydration and dilated pores.

What are the benefits of facial cleansing?


Benefits of facial cleansing:

  • All dead skin cells and deeply accumulated impurities are removed.

  • It allows the skin to oxygenate from the inside, so it can breathe properly.

  • The process of cellular regeneration that takes place at night is carried out successfully.

  • It completely unclogs and decongest the pores. In addition, reduces their size, so they will be much less visible on the face and blackheads and acne are eliminated.

  • It balances the skin's PH and fights the effects of external pollutants. External pollutants can lead to the appearance of multiple problems such as excess fat, facial shine, acne, dryness, tightness, redness, etc.

  • It delays aging, prevents the appearance of wrinkles and the result is a much brighter, smoother and silky skin.

  • Increases skin hydration and cosmetics or treatments applied after they are absorbed much better.

  • Fights and reduces the signs of fatigue and tiredness on the face. Blood circulation in the area is activated and facial muscles are toned.


What does professional facial cleansing consist of? 

It's ideal to go to an aesthetic center and have a professional facial cleansing once a month. Although it should be taken into account that the frequency of this treatment may vary depending on the type of skin. For example, women with acne or very oily skin may need it once every 15 days or even once a week. A professional facial cleansing can last approximately 50 minutes to 1 hour and a half and although each beauty center can offer an adapted version. 

The common treatment consists of performing the following steps:

  1. Facial cleansing: removes makeup and disinfects the face and neck by applying products that superficially clean the face.

  2. The steam opens the pores and with special products all impurities are removed. These products are chosen from each type of skin (dry, oily, mixed, etc.).

  3. Massage: a toning and relaxing massage is done with applying gels or creams to close the pores and decongest the dermis.

  4. Hydration and nutrition: the skin is hydrated by a face mask and a cream is applied to protect the face.If desired application of sunscreen can be applied.


Professional facial cleanses may include other treatments such as glycolic acid application peels, additional products, etc.

How to take care of the skin after a facial cleansing?

After facial cleansing the skin will be sensitive and it is important to avoid certain actions that would not normally not cause any problems in normal conditions. One of the most common things we do is wash our face, which is not advisable to do after facial cleansing. A professional has cleaned your skin perfectly for an hour, so there is no need to wash it again. If you feel the skin a bit oily, you can wipe your skin gently with a cleansing wipe. Otherwise, let the skin breathe and rest without any other intervention.

​Avoid pinching or touching the skin during this period since your skin is sensitive and vulnerable to infections. By touching your skin you can transmit bacteria that are in your hands. By pinching the skin, you run the risk not only of an infection, but you can also leave a spot on the skin, or even worse, a scar. In some cases, some pimples may remain on the skin after treatment or appear after treatment naturally, avoid pinching them for at least 24 hours afterwards.

As we have said, after a facial cleansing the skin becomes temporarily more sensitive, so we must also take care of the environmental exposure. It is essential during this period to stay away from the sun, remember that facial treatments include exfoliation or peeling; which makes a whole new generation of cells more likely to be affected, damaged or in the worst case, cancer.

As a normal and healthy habit, it is good to drink a lot of water after. More importantly after a facial cleansing. Increasing fluid intake allows you to keep your skin hydrated and makes it easier for the body to expel any toxins that may have been released during facial treatment. By drinking a lot of water after the beauty treatment you will undoubtedly make your skin look younger, and it will look beautiful.

We recommend waiting at least one week before starting any weekly scrub and mask routine. At this time the skin will have regained its natural state and you will be able to perform the usual care again.

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